Stop Acid Attacks on Women

Stop Acid is fighting to raise more awareness for this horrendous crime on women. Shame on our society to raise and harbour such coward men.
Spot  of Shame is a yearly campaign to remember women that have succumbed to such attacks.  Here are the next events  in various towns and cities across India:

Delhi: Khan Market, 22 Jan 2014
Mumbai: Bandra Station, 25 Jan 2014
Kanpur: Nawabganj, 27 Jan 2014
Unnao: 28 Jan 2014
Lucknow: 29 jan
Chennai: 30 Jan (At Eliot’s beach, Besant Nagar, opposite Barista coffee shop).
Agara : 01 Feb
Panipat : 03 Feb.
Meerut : 05 Feb.