India Awaken! The world needs you…

A recent article (in French) from Belgian news site “L’Express” summarises a growing acceptance in the scientific community that India is the cradle of humanity as we know it. Prof. Tejraj M. Aminabhavi, winner of the Nikkei Asia 2013 prize, summarises the various contributions that have been fundamental to the evolution of humanity.  Briefly,

Maths: India is where Zero, Infinity and Pi (Indian mathematician to first estimate pi correctly using infinite series known today as the Leibniz series) where discovered, it also set the basis for algebra, arithmetic, trigonometry, and many other concepts crucial to modern technology.

Medicine: Ayurveda is the most ancient medical practice in the world, it’s ancient text detail advanced notions in Anatomy, Embryology, Physiology, Genetics, Psychology, as well as information on the Immune system, the digestive apparatus and metabolism.   Furthermore, Sushruta is the first surgeon to operate with anaesthetics

Metaphysics & Astronomy:  Did you think gravity was discovered by Isaac Newton?  I did, that is what I was thought at school, at college, and everywhere really… well not quite, it was known to the Indians 1000 years earlier, mathematician Brahmagupta noted that “Bodies fall towards the earth as it is in the nature of the earth to attract bodies, just as it is in the nature of water to flow.” The Earth’s circumference, that it revolves around the Sun, the origin of the Universe as well as some modern Cosmological theories for the Universe… the list just goes on.
Astronomical tables for stellar movements across the skies may have already been computed 4500 years before they where discovered by western astronomers. Indian Astronomy has many first to its name, something hard to believe today.

Languages: India is not only the repository of the first languages spoken by mankind, but it gave the world many of its modern language concepts.

And much more… from religion (4 major world religions come from India, possibly even Jesus Christ may have got his teaching from India.  Yoga, Meditation, modern concept of  Consciousness.

India was the largest economy in the World for over a 1000 years before its colonisation and eventual cultural and economic destruction by Britain.

There once was a land, today known as India, source of knowledge, source of growth and development, power-house of economic strength and beacon of light for humanity.  This fact is no longer a question.  So today we can only ask, What if she awakens again from her slumber?  Imagine what India’s revival could gift the world?  A world torn by strife, hunger, war, and divided and in need to enlightenment.

India Awaken! Indian Awaken! India Awaken!