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World Environment Day – Special Newsletter

Small Steps for a Sustainable Future

The time is now ripe for our joint action against usage of plastic carry bags. Do you know?

  • It takes a thousand years for one plastic bag to decompose
  • One billion animals die from ingesting these deadly plastic bags every year
  • Yet, world over, close to five hundred billion plastic bags are produced and consumed each year
  • Every time we use a plastic carry bag, we contribute to this problem
On this World Environment Day, each one of us should resolve to do as much as we can to avoid plastics.

  • Always carry a small foldable bag with you when you go out. You never know when you will stop to purchase a little something on the way
  • The times when you forget the foldable bag and you “get” a plastic bag, reuse the plastic bag as many times as possible
  • When the time has come to dispose the plastic bags, dispose it off in a responsible manner. Don’t just “throw” it away.
  • Be an ambassador of this change.
  • Take your Small Step today. Help us save our planet from ourselves.

Here is a video that triggered the plastic ban in California.

Small Steps is the Social Project that has been started by Upasana to empower village women while simultaneously contributing to the environment. Sustainable development comprises of Economic, Social and Enviornmental development. The Small Steps project aims to fulfil these criteria.
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