Carbon Neutral Tamil Nadu by 2020?

Abdul Kalam, our ex-President has shared his dream of a carbon neutral Tamil Nadu by 2020.  This report, courtesy  of the newIE, highlights Kalam’s proposal which consist of:

1. an increase in tree plantation in the state, 

Kalam said 100 million trees will absorb two billion kg of carbon dioxide and give to Tamil Nadu 1.4 billion kg of oxygen per year.

he said every litre of fossil fuel burnt contributes 2.7 kg of carbon dioxide- equivalent emissions. 

2. a reduction in fuel consumption by better town planning and infrastructure

He said that improper planning results in intra-city micro-migration and each city even one with a population of five million should be reorganised so that it comprises a city centre containing administrative, government and large corporate offices surrounded by satellite micro-cities with less than a million people each. 

he stressed on three aspects of urban planning which include mass transit like metros between micro city zones and all major locations, medium scale transport system,   besides provision of bicycling using exclusive bicycling lane like in Netherlands.Blaming transport sector for about 13 per cent of total emissions worldwide 

I agree with him , that much fuel burning can be saved by better infrastructure in India in general. As for being a carbon neutral state, it’s going to require substantial reorganisation of our energy production industry as majority of electricity today in Tamil Nadu comes from coal powered stations.