Has the world already forgotten Fukushima?

The media has moved on and along with it we have conveniently forgotten the Japanese nuclear disaster of Fukushima.  Japan fights its ghosts, India moves ahead with its nuclear project and an international disaster still awaits us.  Can we truly do away with fission energy?  The world is in a precarious balance.  Our energy requirements are real, our old world resources dwindling, the promise of new technology still a mirage.  How do we reconcile these two points?

Nuclear energy is a bridge between yesterday and tomorrow and in the process we play russian roulette with the world as we know it.  The world needs a diversity in energy resources so that never again we are dependent on a single source.  It is evermore pressing that we disconnect our centralised energy networks and we move towards decentralised, localised and diversified sources of energy so that we become more sustainable.  As cheap solar panels become available, wind farms multiply and bio-fuels come online, sustainable energy production is the only way forward. Can it meet our growing demands?  In the mean time, spare a few seconds everyday and keep in mind those brave souls fighting the demons of Fukushima.