Beating Corruption, one step at a time.

The Private Inc. has been and is the harbinger of change in India in the last two decades.  Public effort has remained in the doldrums and looks to be ineffective for a time to come still.  Hence it is of no surprise that the best efforts to beat corruption are coming from well thought out and executed private enterprises.  This article highlights the work of a group of people from India’s sillicon valley, Bangalore.  A combination of public shaming as well as highlighting the work of upright officials has seen a certain success.  Leveraging the internet and the social media to spread its message, the site “IPaidABribe” has registered over 18000 reports of bribes, of which 600 tell of administrative services obtained without having to pay a bribe.

One could image a day where a “Big Brother” style archive names every adminstrative officials and their service records whereby allowing citizens to shun corrupt babus and thereby deprive them of their source of illegal income.  Furthermore, highlithing upright individuals in the eye of the public is a much needed reward for what is often a very lonesome crusade.