Sustainable education project…

I came across MAD (Make A Difference) on a tweet which got me curious.  This is a project to empower underprivileged kids in urban India, not by the usual learn-by-rote dishing out of useless information but rather to improve their overall skill set so as to make them better learners and more independent.  Here is the quote from their site:

“We are an Organization of young people working amongst orphans and other underprivileged kids to provide them with quality education so that one day it shall empower them to stand on their own feet [….] prepare them [to] face life better by improving their communication skills, computer skills and their overall personality.

This is great for India’s awakening, working at the grass roots and getting young people to learn to think for themselves and empower them to be self sufficient learners!  Way to go MAD, keep up the fantastic work.

Check out this neat video presentation on the project.

Vote for them on Mahindra Spark the Rise, this is a site that promotes such projects and you can vote for your favourite.  The winners get a grant to promote their activity.  If you are in India you can do so with a simple SMS.  Do make your vote count, it only cost you 5 mins and an SMS!