Destroying the entrepreneur in you – a.k.a. killing the golden goose

In my earlier post, I had mentioned how removed we are from the original thought line the father of our nation had. Sarvodaya as the true Sustainable movement and how our economic policies have taken us in a totally diametric way.
The only way to go is to have Sustainability as a Mantra in Budget
For several years of our country’s economic was labelled as progressive and liberal. Now we seem to have hit the speed breaker suddenly. And that too while travelling at full speed.
There is a growing concern that our country’s administration has come to a standstill; economy is seeing a negative growth; people are artificially propped above poverty line by adjusting the poverty line. 
Just when you think that things cannot go any further wrong, comes this year’s budget. The Finance minister does fancy accounting. With the burgeoning expenses and keeping the Direct taxes constant, where do we go for the extra cash. Indirect taxes is the answer. 
Now the FM has gone one step ahead in his creative accounting and logic. They have started taxing on the investments. A classic case of killing the golden goose!!! 

It is a reminder to us that our fight for sustainable future is not such an easy one.