Changes in Indian Law

A Few rulings over the last few months have given every Indian citizen something to cheer about and bring some hope that we can move towards a future where bureaucratic impunity can be eradicated and politicians held accountable for their actions. 

Of course, the cancellation of the 2G licences last month is one such ruling that has taken India by storm.  What a slap in the face of the govt. and loss of international credibility… but aside from this, 2 more rulings are brought to light in the article below.  The first pertains to a previous law that said that any court case filed against an active public official would require the approval of their political masters.  This was primarily used by politicians to protect their corrupt cronies.  The recent ruling passed says that should not approval be given within 4 months of the initial request, it will be deemed to have been approved.

The other verdict passed states that every citizen of has the right to petition for actions against public servants suspected of corrupt practices.

Could these two ruling be yet another Tsunami onto the political shores of India such as what the RTI Act has created?

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One thought on “Changes in Indian Law”

  1. Venkat says:

    I hope this is the harbinger of the "good tide" to come. In a recent case the CBI is being stonewalled by Ministry of Civil Aviation over granting permission to persecute officials over Airbus deals. The CBI is mulling using the 4 months clause and overriding the political and administrative "bosses".

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