In the words of the great man himself

I have always admired President Kalam for his style, his contribution to India’s rocket program, his stature as an international statesman, but most profoundly for his magnanimous recognition of merit when he could have so easily taken the route of countless self-serving civil servants.  His recognition of merit, from the lowest order of the chain to the highest, regardless of gender, creed or religious belief, comes, I believe, from a deep belief of being born to serve India, I would even say to serve Mother India.   I summarise his attitude as “Ask not what India can do for you, but rather what you can do for India”, which is the inspiration behind this blog’s sub-heading above.

Dr. Kalam launched his own effort to combat corruption in India by appealing to the youth with the following question “What can I give to India?”  What a beautiful approach to the problem!

President Dr. Kalam in his inimitable style!